Resting and waiting for the next big break … The life of a … Prop

Four months on the prop we handcrafted is still going strong …. We thought it would be fun to tell. You her story.

Michael Woods

She was a rather plain child.


But as she grew older she started using concealer and tried out for parts.


Like many in the profession before her she sold fast food to make ends meet…..


Then She landed a role with children at the Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke as a judges panel.


When the show closed she spent time ‘resting’ and worked part time in the Foyer of the Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke selling CDs and Raffle tickets.


She was worried that her looks were holding her back and made plans to have some work done to make her larger up top!


After the ‘work’ she spent some time sunning herself in the garden waiting for her big break.


She was so bored she started hanging around with the Theatre Technicians when they had their tea breaks


A Technical Director started spending a lot of time with her, bought her some…

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