Making it Your Own – Colour 2, knitted stripes

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This time we’re focusing on knitting. …and having a foray into the video world!


As you can see there are various approach knitting stripes. Today we’ll focus on changing colour on the right side of your work using an even number of rows.

2 row striped wristlet

2 oddments of yarn – A&B and appropriate sized needles

1. Cast on 15sts in colour A and knit 2 rows

2. Change to colour B as follows:

Insert needle into 1st stitch knit wise

Wrap colour A around needle
Leaving a 3in tail of yarn, wrap colour B over the needle too.

Knit the first stitch with both colours together.

Drop colour A and continue in colour B to end of row.
Turn and knit with B to last stitch

Insert needle knitwise through both loops of yarn for last stitch, wrap yarn over and knit.

3. Change back to yarn…

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