Up cycling an old violin and case as Christmas presents

In the summer I made a tommy gun to fit in a violin case for a show my son was involved in.
……… NB see legislation re this at the bottom of the page if you are thinking about making a gun.


This got me thinking what else could you use an old violin and case for?

So for Christmas I stripped out an old violin case and decorated it, filling it with useful goodies that my wife may need when playing music in pit bands, other idea might be a picnic case or an artists case.


This left me with an old violin, using a charity shop lampshade, some screws, jewelry wire and cheap table lamp I create this conversation starter a violamp.


What Christmas Crafts or up cycling have you been doing?

A lot of my time now is being dedicated to the planning and promotion of Crafts and Music 2014

Will you be taking a stall details and online booking here-> http://groupspaces.com/bayoc/item/568683

And for those who may be thinking about crafting a weapon the legality here http://michael-woods.co.uk/2013/08/12/safe-handling-of-weapons-for-anything-goes-production/

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