Easy DIY Prop Bellows Style Cameras, 3 constructed for less than £10

Michael Woods

At the last minute we were asked to provide some bellows style cameras for a show. It was for a Bugsy sketch, therefore a stylised design rather than a replica would fit the scene.

You can alternatively hire real bellows cameras for typically about £20 each per week, or buy them for a similar price on eBay. We needed them for 2 weeks and it was too late to guarantee buying some or £120 to hire.


We used:
A pack of 5 A4 black foam board sheets.
A pack of 10 sheets of stiff black card.
A roll of black electrical tape
3 silver foil cases from candle night lights.
Sticky back silver foil and silver paint.

Having researched the web there were some seriously complicated designs to create bellows, eventually we found a very easy method as shown below, which worked well and looked no different on completion.


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