Last in depth event evaluation.


DSC_0179Hundreds of musicians performed in a musical showcase throughout the day with 18 stall holders around the edge of the performance area and outside in the grounds.  30 volunteers  ‘on duty’ from one hour to 12 hours were recognisable by their ID badges and used radio communications to ensure the event ran smoothly. The performances were amplified into the Fete like atmosphere of the event.

2014 Stallholder links

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Performance Schedule

DSC_0196The BBQ and Cafe served hot and cold, drinks and food, and ice creams kept everyone well fed.

Our stall holders  and volunteers had free tea and coffee provided all day.

Event advertising included roadside bannersJane Cameron Artist emailed “Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part in Crafts & Music. I look forward to attending next year, schedule permitting. Do let me know as soon as the date is set.” Visitors had fun on the rodeo bull and other inflatables.Our Younger visitors enjoyed the inflatable play equipment and rodeo bull.


Throwing sponges at the conductor was also a very popular stall.

Entry Point well signedAnother Stallholder emailed : Just wanted to express my thanks to you and your team for a superb day today. Not only were people very quick to help me when I fell but checked up on me throughout the day too.

I had one of my most successful days with Sockimals flying off the table.

crafts and Music Flier


One of the Conductors emailed     ” My (player’s) parents loved the event and the performances.”

Promotions included  Roadside Banners, Flyers posted in shops, Gazette adverts in 2 Thursday editions and 42,000 Facebook ‘advertising impressions’ on local people’s timelines.

We were not disappointed by attendance but interested to review Footfall.

Almost 1/5th of our visitors were unconnected to our Ensembles.

DSC_0177 The car park was soon overflowing .. volunteers were present to greet our stall holders and visitors. £2 entry was charged per car.

A  representative sample of 200 drivers were asked how they knew about the event.

Visitor Graph

83% of attendees were at the event as a result of PERSONAL CONNECTION to the Orchestras and choirs.

The next most successful advertising method was ROADSIDE BANNERS … but not worth the cost of buying new ones –  we will look to re-use the existing ones.

POSTERS  Additional stall holder bookings and visitors covered the printing costs, but only just. It may be that the A5  size Posters  were not prominent enough.

FACEBOOK Income generated was 3 times the cost. But this revenue was in stall holder bookings not visitor numbers. A direct Facebook approach in the right groups will be more cost effective to gain stall holder bookings.

BASINGSTOKE FESTIVAL PROMOTIONS 2%  – O cost to the event  – (One stall holder booked as a direct result of Festival marketing and it also made getting stall holders to attend the event easier as it is a strong brand).

EVENT LISTING WEBSITE 2% – Zero cost to the event, very low take up but this did include one stall holder

FRIEND TOLD ME 2% – 0 Cost to the event

No one attended as a result of  TWITTER PROMOTIONS – 0 cost to the event.

GAZETTE ADVERTISING was least cost effective  – costing almost twenty times the revenue it raised.

For the first time this year each ensemble played twice with time to  visit the stalls and refreshments between performances which encouraged Families to stay longer and not leave immediately after the performance.

stallholder contact

The event was well attended but the question has to be asked why didn’t we get more outside interest? 

Some possible issues.

  • The Football World Cup was on
  • A Large Music Concert also part of the Festival was promoted the same weekend in a town centre park and highlighted more by Festival Organisers who also had problems getting their Facebook page to share our posts on their page.
  • Rural location of the venue
  • School venue – People may think it is a school event
  • Economic downturn may have reduced visitor throughput as crafts are arguably a luxury item – craft stall holders have said their takings are down at craft events and many are also turning to Facebook and Etsy as their main shop front.

Due to having to fit in with other county ensembles concerts we have little control over the choice of date.
For consideration – next year’s event – Should we ‘move’ the event towards more of a family orientated fun day for the Members and Families as this is our core customer base and try and increase the extended family and friend attendance and remain at the a beautiful country location with more games and competitions, or should we head back into a town centre location and try to get more customers and passing trade retaining the crafts and music image as the main theme to the event?

If we move towards more of a family fun day more volunteers will be needed, as we only just coped on this occasion with some volunteers working many hours without breaks to staff the stalls.

Refreshment Notes;

The BBQ quickly sold out of the first 180 burgers and sausages within a couple of hours of opening and 150 Ice creams and 160 cans sold out in 4 hours. The Tombolla and Hundred Club membership stalls brought in extra revenue but more general information is required as this was seen as an information point. 4 Packets of cheese and Ham, and 4 loaves were bought for toasties only 1/4 sold.

Limited wastage on the BBQ could have been reduced by having a system of keeping the food hot without overcooking. a side burner or foil tray /tin foil may have assisted.

During the year, The cold table had been removed from the Cafe by the school. We brought a small freezer to the event this year which enabled us to sell ice creams and to chill drink. This was augmented with cool boxes.

Most food was purchased from Lidl. A restock journey can be done in 40 minutes. People raved about the quality of the burgers which were fresh Scottish beef 4 pack range.