Performance Times 13th July 2014

Performance times – Sunday, 13th July, 2014

This year our groups are playing twice each, with time between performances to browser the stalls

11am – BAYWTO until 11.20am (Wind Training Orchestra)

11.20am – Junior Choir until 11.35am

11.40am – TAYWB until 12noon ( Tadley Youth Wind Band)

12.05pm – String Training Orchestra until 12.20pm

12.25pm – BAYWTO until 12.45pm

12.50pm – Junior choir until 1.05pm

1.10pm – TAYWB until 1.30pm

1.35pm – String Training Orchestra until 1.50pm

1.55pm – Youth Choir until 2.15pm

2.20pm – BAYPE until 2.40pm Percussion Group

2.45pm – BAYSO until 3.05pm. String Orchestra

3.10pm – Youth Choir until 3.30pm

3.35pm – BAYPE until 3.55pm

4.00pm – BAYSO until 4.25pm

4.30pm – BAYWO until 5pm Wind Orchestra.

AND RELAX time for a picnic, burger or ice cream before the evening concerts start .. Whilst our crafters head home.